Minister is on fb…

Minister came to visit on a Sunday morning.

My dad and I were at home and we were caught off guard.

I was just about to leave to go to work and my dad was doing spring cleaning.

Was getting my shoes when we heard the urgent knock on the door.
Opened the door and a representative was addressing my dad. *shRuGs*

I was very disturbed.
Like… Minister is visiting, they are going to take photos, why aren’t we informed beforehand?
Turns out they slipped a notice 1 day before, underneath the door. 1 day before.


Kinda like, if one segment of a chain is loose, the whole chain gets into trouble.

I left hurriedly, went up to take the lift.

Funny thing was one of the rep ran all the way to pass me a card.
No price for guessing what the card says:

Social Media.. are you part of it yet?

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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