#NDP2010 aftermath party (P&C)

Its ridiculous how fast time flies…
Started this NDP journey in mid June? 😀 its already September now 😀
Indeed time and tide waits for no man isnt it? 🙂

Anyway, Tommy aka @lobinhoot invited us, the civilian and military bloggers to the Parade and Ceremony post NDP party at Arena.

Hadnt been to Arena, in-fact hadnt been to most of the chill out places at Clarke Quay though I did a Runaway there. 😀
So heres some of the shots inside
*Pls pardon the bad pictures, didnt bring Tommy (DSLR) along.

Yes, the eating has begun~ 😀 * I came in late.. *my bad~

ar yes, met Glenn Ong and Thong Lee

was just sitting there being lazy, after all the talk with the people, looking around.. Clearing my drink, then Glenn offered to pick up another drink for me, which was indeed very nice of him. 🙂

RSM Albert on stage giving his speech. Yes, indeed, he has drank 😀 *you know what I mean? 😀

Parade Commander, LT Lek

there is no reason why he is so fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

and of course, drinks drinks and more drinks.

nah, this kind cannot have hangover, if this kind kanna hangover, then forget abt drinking next time.

Speaking of which,
was watching a documentary on tv.
The best way to prevent a hang over is really to hydrate yourself.
1 – after each serving of liquor *or beer or wine* drink a serving of water (which is a challenge and a wet blanket)
2 – Drink an isotonic drink before sleeping when the night is over.

Me? I firmly believe in hydrating.
Meaning always be aware of the body condition.
Heaty? Sore throat upcoming?
Drink enough plain water *even if theres no party anyway. Always.

If you dont take care of yourself, no one will. 🙂

kk, long day ahead for me~

Thanks for coming by~
Be Bless

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