Dessert Factory

I Repeat, KAWaiIiIIiIiiiIi
😀 It meant Cute. 😀 moto moto Kawaii nEH! 😀

😀 oki… I like soft toy. 🙂 As in like to hug and look for awhile only. Dont like to keep at home. no space…

Anyway 😀
All these are taken from Dessert Factory,

Its a new Dessert place ba, was having dinner for Sue’s birthday, see entry just before this. Couldnt get into Cheeky chocolate and we wandered along the street, got a flyer and was invited to this place. 🙂


Quite worth the deal actually. $3 for a cup cake and their “Famous Taiwan Milk Tea”

To me, Koi’s tea taste is too sharp, like you can taste it very very quality. Sweet Talk too sweet, Each-A-Cup is a class on its own. and this Famous Taiwan Milk Tea is in-between Sweet Talk and Koi. 🙂 I like! -approve-

Cup cake can choose from 4 kinds,

Leon took the Strawberry Baileys Cupcake

Noel had the Orange Peanut Butter Cupcake

Fluffy~ a little dry on the inside though

Me? 🙂 I took the Chocolate Banana Cupcake. 😀 Cos I want something Strong to go with the milk tea~ 😀

The banana moose is underneath the cake 😀 *found the hidden treasure~ 😀

Sue got Marmalade Glazed Bread and Butter Pudding

I like that its not too sweet, and she liked it that its on top, so its not like all soft and goooey u know? :X



Dont just drool only~
Lets go eat together!
I’m talking to u my blog reader 😉


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