Went to watch New Moon this morning.
Twilight was better ba.
At least felt involved with the character throughout the whole show.

This time, Edward abandon Bella.
Soon after Bella used Jacob to help herself to recover, Jacob has to brush her away.

Their conversation was kind of like:
Edward: “You’re not good enough for me”
Jacob: ” Go away”

We know that Bella was madly in-love with Edward, so when he chose to let her go, she is suppose to be very heartbroken.
Besides the regular night screaming, I dont really feel much of a emotion tinge or heart-tug there. She’s like so… straight face.

and having used Jacob to distract herself, Jacob realizes that he’s a werewolf, so to protect her, Jacob sents her away.
My goodness. If its me, Edward leaving, Jacob not able to provide the emotional support…
I think I’ll be more than what she portrayed ba…
Not sure if its meant to be like that.

and Edward went to the Volturi after hearing a simple sentence from Jacob. It wasnt a lie.

Kind of like a series of unfortunate accidents that led to the misunderstanding.
😀 Go see the movie to find out why.

Jacob: He’s out arranging a funeral.

Now, these scenes thereafter saved the movie for me.

Introducing the members from the Volturi:

Absolutely adore the location of the shots, artistic talent behind Jane’s eye makeup. WOH!

kk, not gonna spoil the movie for u. *or maybe I’ve already spoilt plenty. 😀

FYI, I still like Emmet. The short hair guy on the extreme left.

and did I mention I absolutely love the Orange and Red eyes?


Be Bless

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