Went for the Nuffnang’s Blogger Symposium recently,
It was in collaboration with Canon to promote their S90
*I so want a Canon S90! My goodness! Can I just cover my eyes ignore everything and just go ahead and buy the camera? O_O Goodness!
FYI: Dont see it small and compact, Canon S90 uses the same sensor as Canon G11

It was also the first time I met @luvyun!!! She is so nice! *So Bless! Just that day itself I met 2 of the nicest ppl I’ve ever met in my life~ Reuben and Sue! Love them to bits!

Surprisingly they tot I was there for the Photoshop Queen’s segment. 😀
But nah,
I was there for…


Felt that my lifestyle blog needs alittle pump in the food side. hey hey… 😀

it was good seeing those “Happiness” moments as well 🙂

Above: “the kind of thing that you must do at least once in your life.”

Above: “witnessing the arrival of a new life”

Above: “A hug that took 80+ years to arrive”

Above: “a rare moment where the girlfriend is the same size as the boyfriend”

Edmund (edunloaded) and some of the bloggers that were there for the Parenting segment

And for the technology side.
“aaa, what you doing, we should be the ones behind the camera. Stop shooting! you!”


and of course met some familiar faces too

One of the twins (Jayley) that I met during the Firestation visit

Wendy (extreme left) from the Fashion Runway in The Skies

the gorgeous twin Stephen and Cedric

Dr Leslie shared plenty of food photography tips, (do sign up for his talk that is with Canon) one of which that left the deepest impression was the one part that he mention when he was talking about 1/3 scale.
Let me show u an example.

Its very common for people to shoot food photo like this:

The whole plate (including the clean kitchenware) included in the photo.

In as much as these photos shows the whole picture of the dish, the audience dont really get just what is so tasty about the dish.

Lets bring the camera up close and personal.

Same dish, same camera, just different angle.
Now, do you know what you are suppose to eat? suppose to taste?

🙂 interesting huh?
Both shot using Marilyn (iPhone).

Thank you Nuffnang for the invitation, SMU for hosting and Canon for the lucky draw prices. 🙂

Be Bless

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