PopCakes! @kichn

Went back to Kichn the other time for @jewelserene ‘s popcakes.

My goodness! Never knew mini cupcakes can look and taste this good!!!

Its not the overwhelmingly sweet kind of sweet, its the just nice that I can fall in love kind of sweet.

Its not the look good but taste terrible kind of pretty, but the pleasing to the eyes as to the tongue kind of pretty.

oki, save all the talking. Look below.

Not enough?

still not enough?
Go Get It!

180 Albert Street
#01-05, Albert Court
Singapore 189971

Mon–Thu: 9am–9pm, Fri+Sat: 9am–11pm.
Lunch is served from 11.30am. Closed on Sundays.

But wait wait,

Theres more!

Say “Hello” to the legendary Chicken Ham and Cheese Roll~

People drip lemon on the outside of their fish, well their fish has that tangy taste on its own~

Their unique tasting Seaweed Chicken! The no MSG kind!

Their Fried Calamari which totally take Calamari to a new level.

They sure have Cooked Up A Storm and got themselves featured on Business Times~

Are you hungry already?

Be Bless

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