You Are Under Arrest!

I should be there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Booo Hooooooo!!!!!

Can you imagine the kind of laughter and “on-ness” behind these photos,
what were the conversation that got them to come up with these poses!

and I was at work!!!!! Throwing birthday parties and running road shows!

Panasonic launched its eco campaign – You Are Under Arrest –  getting peeps to be more involved in being eco friendly, spreading awareness to help save the environment.

If I was there, I think my photo will be like this:

Wont be able to see my face.

Cos I am Guilty…

I shall unplug my computers at night…
I shall unplug my fan when I leave for work…
I shall… what would you do?

Photo courtesy of @tangenghui
Join Panasonic Asia on their facebook page to find out more!


Thanks for coming by
Be Bless

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