Was doing Post-processing (PP) on my Batam photos when a thought strike me causing a dilemma within.

Version 2.1

this is after much Post-processing, tweaking the contrast (that increased the brightness of the photo), saturation of the colours Green and Blue that brings out the blueness of the boat and the skies, the green to bring out the sea.

“Originally” (or maybe not that originally, will explain that later) its like this:

Version 2.0

feels like being cheated isnt it? 😀

It was in the earlier parts of my editing, when I realize that I could further tweak the white balance of my photos to bring out the “original” look of my photos. “Original” look according to my impression. In this case, presented as Version 2.0.

I was actually pretty happy with it. Cos at that point of time, my intention wasnt to PP my photos to impress people and give them the WAH feel as presented in Version 2.1.

Then someone I looked up to commented that my post-processing wasnt good enough.
I didnt ask why. I’m not surprise its because I didnt present it as Version 2.1.

That was my dilemma.
What do I want?
Do I want to present my photos in their very glam version (Version 2.1)
Do I want to present my photos in its most “Original” form (Version 2.0), “Original” in that it tells the story of itself?

Then I came to this conclusion.
Its really about the intention.
If it wasnt about Street Photography, wanting to present my journey, then Version 2.1 would be optimal.
If it is about Street Photography, then its Version 2.0
According to the purpose of the photos ba…

I further question myself, do I want to stick to one particular style as a “signature” of my photos.
Meaning to always have my photos in Version 2.1  or Version 2.0 as a personal style.

I guess I dont want to stick to any ba…
Cos afterall, I’m not out to sell my photos. I’m out to communicate with my photos.

and now the next part that I thought I should share, cos its became very concrete to me after this set of photos I took.

Photographers that just started on photography will come to hear of RAW version soon enough.
What is RAW actually. 🙂

It is the Original photo. Its the exact scene that your eyes sees through the lens at the point that you wanna press the shutter.
Before Shutter = RAW (Version 1.0)
After Shutter = JPG (Version 2.0)
After Shutter + PP = JPG + PP (Version 2.1)

The truth is, your DSLR actually does process (meaning tweak the lighting, etc etc to what it thinks is an optimal presentation of the photo) and compress the file even before presenting it to you as JPG. So RAW is the most original. Which you can see in the photo above, shows the difference.

The Original, The DSLR-ed, The Post-Processed.

So why did I use ” ” on the word “Original” in the earlier parts of the entry? Its because even that JPG original is really not that Original afterall. 🙂

Hope the explanation above helps new photography enthusiast! 🙂

Thanks for coming by,

Be Bless

P/S: actually Facebook also compressed our photos big time… So I use flickr too! 😀

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4 thoughts on “Post-processing

  1. xinyun

    oooo very helpful, for the PP noobie me 😀
    nice photos sweetie, i prefer v2.1 as it’ll be nicer to print and frame it up 🙂

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