Squabbling Chicken

This one must stomp!

was on my way to work the other day, as usual, sharing the train with the morning peak hour crowd.
Stood next to this guy in the photo, who was leaning against the glass panel next to the door.

Let me describe him, an indian, maybe about 165cm? broad chest with muscle, enough of a “cleavage” to probably fill A cup?

Then in came another indian, studious looking. Tall. 174cm.
That 165 guy had his legs wide open.
so no choice, morning crowd.

The 174 had his biceps close to the 165’s cleavage and his foot right between his legs.

Then the 165 started squabbling at him, dunno whatever their conversation.
Was on my earphone, didnt bother to listen.

As I turn up to look at the station stops indicator, cant help but notice the hand signs and the look on the 165’s face.

Damn dumb.

and the 174 still continue to respond to him.

and the 165 guy even challenge and got off the train to have a fight with him.

Didnt bother to stay for the drama. Just went off for work.
This is beyond me man.

Such people still exist in Singapore…
Then again, you see the tattoos and the design on the bag.
Says alot… says alot…

nothing against tattoos.
Just saying that old habits die hard.



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