Pretty Woman

Watched the later half of Pretty Woman on TV recently.
And I thought I really should buy the DVD.
Its nice, and I really would like to own a piece of that sentiment.

Although ultimately its very simple, its about love, or falling in love,
theres so many message beneath it.

“yup, it’s that straight forward. but also comes the part of social status, one’s demeanor and one’s character, how it influences the other and changes his life.

it’s like opposite attract, but these opposites are very extreme.

and then again, so much for analyzing the characters and plot, its ultmately..

falling in love.

😀 so dreamy.”

I look forward to the day when I will stand like that, with these blings. And walk beside a man that truely deserve my companionship.

“like the rich guy, the heart is truly in love. But the lifestyle, the mindset, is not ready to be aligned with what is expected of him. Until he decides to take action.

and who would be like the girl, ready to give up the ready luxuries, to go and chase for the unknown, or what that might have an inkling of the present lifestyle.”



Sometimes, Oldies are really goodies.



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Be Bless

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