How shld weekend be like?

How should weekend be like?

Is there a series of recommended event, schedule that I can follow?
Is there a sample structure?

Why is that even a question?

Weekend should just be weekend.
No structure,
No how it should be.

Kinda wrecks me to have my weekend pass me by, passing by in a less productive manner compared to my weekdays.

That shakes me from within.
Is it true then that I’m more productive at work than living life?

Amanda.. Amanda..
Life is more than just productivity or work…

How then can I learn to just chill and learn to relax and not be involved.
Just do things spontaneously and be unplanned.

Perhaps a random backpacking trip?

Living life spontaneously…

Spontaneity Takes Work!
Whoever said being spontaneous was easy, obviously hasn’t tried improv comedy. It’s easy to get so caught up in plans and schedules, that when the structure is removed, you fall on your feet. There are so many elements of life that can’t be captured in a to-do list, so it pays to know how to improvise.

How to Be More Spontaneous
Spontaneity is not the opposite of planning. This was my key breakthrough in order to make sure my life was both fun and productive. Improvising has many of the same prerequisites that you use in your scheduled life, just with a twist.
The opposite of spontaneity is cowardice. Fear, not planning, is the real barrier to improvisation. It isn’t your day planner that keeps you from saying hi to a stranger, it’s your fears. Where productivity requires discipline and organization, spontaneity requires courage and openness.


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