Vegetation and Railway tracks

Went on an adventure hike with Cher and Sue! 😀 My goodness… Its nightmare O_O
All the scratches on my feet *faint*

anyway! it was fun! 😀

and it all began~

into and through the dark tunnel…

and there was light!

the dog there probably laughed at how long we took to finish getting through the tunnel and all the squishy sounds make by our shoes. 😀

Went through all these jazz,

just to find:

The abandon railway tracks…

😀 the highlight really was attempting to cross a Lily LongKang, 😀
As in a drain that has lily pads floating on top. 😀
I was too engrossed and laughing, so didnt get to take photo of it. 😀

We had our shoes wet

and cher showed us his Scouts way of drying socks.

*step step step* 😀

walked along AYE and then finally we found it

and of course, us being us, we continued to wander…

and that led us to…



see cher and sue’s entry.

thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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One thought on “Vegetation and Railway tracks

  1. JH

    Very nice writing, flow & photos collection!

    Glad that u enjoyed this “bush bashing” & crossing of lily longkang! Your post would definitely help to raise the awareness of the green corridor + preserving the greenery & old railway tracks!

    Keep shooting & sharing!


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