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Came back home the other day and I saw this brown paper bag on the table.

At a glance I noticed it was Burger King’s Logo on it.

I turned around to lock the door and I was thinking… “Hmm.. I’m not expecting anything from them at the moment, and… cant be for my brother also…”

Didnt think too much into it and carried it into my room, sat on the bed and took out a parcel like box.

I was very excited! Cos it was like some Prom Dress Surprise (like those in the movies) 😀

Like you know the handsome guy wants to date the female lead out for a Prom night
but the poor female lead dont have a dress,
so secretly, he went to purchase a dress and then deliver to it in a box~ 😀

You know you know. 😀

Well it was close enough. 😀

not a dress, but a menu 😀

BK is introducing new Singles~


The previous time when I had the somewhat similar ones at the Steak House Burger launch it was pretty oki:

Creamy Mashed Potato Spread! *from what I tasted, its real potato mashed. not the vending machine type.
Crispy Onion, deep fried~ but not very oily or soggy.. *thUmbS UP!

Couldn’t make it for the media tasting, so gonna go get it soon~
Don’t miss it yourself~

Mashed potato on beef patty.


Because With The King, You Can!


Thanks for coming by,

Be Bless

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