So PM Lee was saying what’s stopping SG people from progressing is the people’s reluctance to relocate.

I know why..
cos I’m kinda experiencing it. 😀
Alright, maybe not it’s entirety, but rather living and working alone overseas.

Hmm.. I wonder how it is if its the whole family..
So the husband gets busy bringing the bread home at work,
Parents try really hard to get their children into a good school (good is really subjective isn’t it?)
The wife, is she versatile enough to handle the situation?
Where to go get groceries besides malls and hypermarket? There’s no more convenience stall downstairs, or a quick hawker bite you can get (at least at where I stay). What about work? Her ambition, how she was? if she chose to be a housewife, can she handle the home-maker life?
Will she morph to become the typical TaiTai of that country?

A well, that’s the beauty of humanity, the ability to survive, the ability to want to want to survive.

Thankfully for me,
Got a colleague who took me to the nearby “Shop and Save”. (Yippie! I can get apples!)
(but as she suggested, “far” or “near” is subjective. 😀 its a 20min walk to the location by the way. 😀 and a wet market thats about twice the distance away.)
(which is like the exact opposite in my neighbourhood back in SG, wet market is less than 10mins away, that supermarket is about twice as far away — wet market is closer to me)

Took me on a small bus ride, which is like the small version of SBS n TIBS buses, (although they have that and even a lane for those buses)

And really after looking around at a couple of colleague’s place, I really think those problems are relative.

Yes, we don’t get the usual conveniences like do in SG, yes we don’t get the Internet speed and erm.. we are different, but I think after the initial, I might just be in love with the pace here.

I think a SG that is sick of the rat race would be very comfortable here.

BUT BUT, I still love my Singapore.
Where I belong, where I left my heart and soul.
And of course my mummy and daddy.

And my friends..

And my bakerzin..
And my fish soup noodles
And my..
Okay whatever they are replaceable.

I think ultimately, when one is debt-free, pocket full of cash, work on the right hand, shelter on the left hand, no strings attached, everywhere is good.


Live and let live 🙂
Slowly slowly, sinking right in.

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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