Was doing the last bits of work when a colleague walked over and asked me to leave and go have a life.

Deep down inside I almost feel like crying. I have no life.
My life after 7pm is dinner in decent, atas restaurants, or movies, or a chilax time at the cafe drinking tea, “stoning” away.

Or alternatively, on high speed Internet access, under the facade of Facebook that displays the lives of my friends on a monitor screen.

Or maybe streaming playlist or chosen movies on YouTube.

Or maybe clicking through the channels on tv  that keeps me up to date, or tuning in to radio that stream the latest songs on air.

I missed all that.

I realize this is how I live my life in the past when I took on the career of teaching. No life. Really, I go home straight after work and well, as though sole purpose of being alive is to shape children’s life.
and after fulfilling my obligations, taking up a new lifestyle, I understood why I came out.
Because even if no one taught me to live, I am really just a human, more selfish than that. 🙂 but anyway, it was bcos of a medical condition I left and I have since then recovered. A it’s all good.

While I’m kinda lost right now, I guess I’ll find meaning in this soon enough. 🙂



Thanks for coming by


Be Bless

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