Renae (Hamster)

Went to the doctors the other day and had to wait for a very very long time.

Me and my itchy backside decided to step into the Pet shop next door.

Lo and Behold…
I saw these:

AWwwWwwWwwww It is so cute I tell you…

That is the beginning of my Hamster adventure. 😀

After chatting with a friend, realize those in the photo were Dwarf hamster.
I love the 2 colors, like when its sleeping, the breathing, u can see the rise and the fall… *I am so stolen away

Tweeted about it to a friend whom I know rears hamster, and he hooked me up and recommended me the Syrian species.

Fast forward to a week later, @sidneyreuben brought me down to meet @hamsterhoarder

and I bought Renae!

*yes, photo out of focus, the photos will be better as the days come by.

She’s being described as Long Hair Satin Cream Girl
Birthdate: 12 February 2010

Co-incidentally, while I was on way to meet Reuben, I read Miao’s blog. He did a video on his hamsters.
Now then do I know oh, those 2 are hamsters! 😀


🙂 Gonna setup Tumblr on her,

Jiggle over when u are free~

Be Bless

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