Baked Potato

I Love Baked Potato 🙂

Wanted to go down to Kichn to have the Chicken Ham and Cheese Roll but thought the timing would be tight and there’ll be things I wouldnt be able to do.

So heres to share~

Theres plenty of Baked Potato recipe online,  so do what you can with what you have. Following recipe is boring sometimes.

Was thinking about the “sauce” hmm…
I never like plain mayo, so I asked on twitter for recommendation, and the Dirty Stall mention butter…


I like them cheesy 🙂 I like strong taste. But I know I dont wanna spend Cos I wont be using them any time soon… so… not gonna get cheese spread.

I decided on buying mayo alone.
Like it has always been, I play around according to intuition.

Lets begin~

I use to think normal potatos (like those used for normal chinese cooking) are oki,
but I came to the understanding that no, we need to get those white meat kind. So I used Australian Baby Potato.
Poke them through and through with a fork, that way, they’ll bake real well.

Then glaze them and salt them a little.

350 f and dump them in for 1hour.
Yes, 1 hour… *Oh The Electricity Bill!!!
Thats why I baked so many at one time. 😉

Hey Hey, now the “sauce”

I know, it doesnt look that fantastic.
But come on, show me a mayo that looks good…

Thats whats inside.
Cheese, Onion, Honey Baked Ham and Raisin.

Cheese, thats what I want.

Onion, it brings in the sweetness. (use medium sized onion)
FYI: small onions smell great after deep frying, medium and big ones taste sweet.
Dont put in too much Onion, cos if its too much, it wont be sweet anymore, it’ll literally be ONION.

Honey Baked Ham, 😀 no bacon, so I used ham. 🙂

Raisin, 😀 happen to see them in the fridge. Its the same idea, the hint of sweetness.

One hour later: *Ding!

A short short while later: *Ding!

Pss… if u want your greens to look gorgeous after boiled, give them a dash of cold water or tap water. 🙂
It’ll help retain the color and probably the vitamins too. 🙂

and that makes a very Happy Ms Ng. 🙂

Be Bless

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0 thoughts on “Baked Potato

  1. avnjl

    I havent eat before your mash potato… cher eat before le, I also want! not fair…

  2. alkanphel

    I baked potatoes yesterday then I tried some extra stuff: scoop out and mash with black pepper, sea salt, parsley, butter. Quite nice and the taste is enhanced. Maybe I will try adding oregano next time.

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