Rented Room

I remembered I used to bunk over at my ex-bf rented house during one season back then. His was. A very comfortable 3 bedroom HDB, with the nice kitchen and living room. There are times when he and his fellow countryman would cook their hometown dish in the nice big kitchen.

I can’t do that *sob* *sob*
Big *sob*

Okay, actually I can, it’s just that the bed is 3 steps away and really the last thing I want is for my bed to smell like the kitchen.

I am more than capable to cook but no way am I going to handle that man.

Anyway, it’s a couple of days over. Started with a glorious day, everything happened within a week and I’m kinda overwhelmed. But that’s for me to know.

It feels like I’ve gone back to pre-Internet times, you know when h
Tv is the only entertainment and you call or SMS friends to remain in contact.
Or perhaps visit the playground or whatever waterhole to hangout.

Good Lord… ‘Cept that there ain’t no playground or waterhole here, and well, at times getting back to the room is one of the best thing. So anyway… I guess I’m already overwhelmed by the stimulation in the work place.

Anyway… I love my bed…

Thanks for coming by


Be Bless

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