Rina’s Aquathon!

So proud of my girl Hasrina for completing her Aquathon within her targeted time!

that gorgeous laugh. 🙂 sincerely hers.

She’s actually an ex-colleague, and it happens that I have time cos I’m freelancing. Accompanied her to do some swimming, occasional visit to Sentosa.

She didnt allow her friends or family members to go support her.

But I decided to try my luck. and Hey! 😀 She allow me to go.

😀 I’ll probably be dead after the swim. the whole item was 750m swim + 5km run..

I missed event photography. The previous Starhub Urban FreeStyle race was good.
The only time when the interaction that comes from adrenaline of dealing with people is more than beneficial and essential.

and of course, must have good gear!

Still cant decide btw getting a good compact or upgrade my current babies.

Meanwhile, I really should work on exercising.

Make it work Amanda


and once again! Congrads Girl! So proud of you!!


Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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