Shopping @ Pavilion KL

So I went KL, discovered a little bit of some stuff in the Pavilion KL

I always know Cotton On as a clothes retail, turns out they also sell some pretty neat stuff, like paper crafts and small frames.

theres this dessert stall called “Snowflake” originated from Taiwan


and then theres this “Shi Hao Wu Tong” (not within Pavilion though)

Apparently its a foodcourt open by this rich guy who gathered and house all the stalls that sells the food that his parents LOVED!

SG has the “Malaysian food street”, this one is “My Family’s Favourite Food Foodcourt” Pretty cool.

The foursquare checkin says the Japanese burger is pretty good.

:/ I am not very sure about that…

a real cool DC Store!!!!!!!

Cutey mascot!

I wanna go travel again! Anyone wanna sponsor me? 😀

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless


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  1. avnjl Post author

    😀 you must be a big fan of scrapbook making. No wait… that email address is familiar. 😀 Yes you are! 😀
    YEs, you are a big fan of scrapbook making thats why you would know. 😀

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