SG-KL | Pt2

Met someone new while I was trying to figure out how to get to the Monorail. 😀

Him having his hair tied up, camera bag/or was it a water tumblr bag? with DSLR down his neck, lens hood, def not a newbie camera user like me.


Was figuring my way out to get to the Monorail station, asking personnel at the counters, trying to capture key points of what they said: “2 escalator, cross road, kiri” 😀
Thats all that I need. 😀

anyway, was at that “cross road” part when I saw Jimmy, (thats the new friend).
Was walking behind the crowd when I notice him kept turning back.
Came to the “kiri” part, *kiri means left. When he stopped. It was kind of like a really dark sheltered area.

Ar~ I realize, he was trying to take a photo.
Thats what I would do too. 🙂

The dark shetltered area makes it tunnel like.
Having an object (aka a person) in a distance makes a very good photo with nice DOF. 😀

anyway, so continued walking, figuring my way, walked out to light, turned a little to check if he follows up. If he did, I might just approached to ask about “exploring” together.

but well, too bad, didnt.
So I carried on, in-search for my mono-rail station.

ar yes, signs… no matter how simple.
Blur ppl like in my situation would appreciate it…

got to the station, trying to buy the ticket, single-way ticket that @tetanus showed me, as mentioned in the previous entry.

turned around, and I saw him!

WAH!!! Excited! 😀

but no no… didnt react yet.

Went up the monorail, took some photos, turned around, there he is again!


So me being me, approached him and started talking.
Turns out he lives in Malaysia and is on a walkabout.


aspiring photographer, businessman and student. 😀

chat a little on the train and we got on separate ways. 🙂

Although for a short while, its always nice to make friends. 🙂

*tHuMbs UP!

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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