SG-KL | Pt3

Got a nightmare some nights ago. 😀
In the dream, I was preparing for a trip overseas in the future.
Secured the tickets to get there, but having problem getting the returning tickets.

Dunno why, I could keep traveling overseas and back just trying to secure the returning tickets of that future trip.

😀 Weird dream huh?

Yes… being able to return home is very important to me. So important that I even dreamt about it. 😀

That was the first thing I went to locate when I finally got to KL. 😀
To collect/redeem my return ticket from Five Star Travels.
and it sure took me alot of hassle…


I didnt take the monorail (as mention in the previous entry) to get to tourist attraction. But I took the monorail to get to the Traveling agency’s office.

From my understanding, its somewhere near Times Square.
So happily I went.

When I arrive, I went into a dessert shop and ask the sales assitant.
They dont know where it is!
I showed them the address and they have no idea where it is.
*Super stressed*

But well, nevermind, just have to fix it.
So continued asking around…
Finally got to a telco shop that has someone that knows it.
Followed the direction… “look for the bread shop, theres a bridge on the right, cross the bridge, then from there u ask the people there… ”

My goodness… turns out it wasnt near Times Square…

From the bridge, I had to get to Sungei Wang..
From Sungei Wang, I had to get to Park Royal hotel…
From Park Royal Hotel *Thankful for the concierge
I had to get behind the building…

and ask yet another person…

I was so happy when I see Traveling Agency signboard. 😀

😀 So I asked another passerby…

“oki… u see the Hong Leong Bank sign?”
“walk towards there, and then the blue key signboard”

“Then turn right…”

Awefully far…
But well… Forsaking All.. I Trust Him. FAITH…

and off I went~

and then I saw this!

YEH! thats a familiar sign! Must be somewhere near! 😀

and finally I saw the company signboard…


My return ticket…

So glad I got the tickets… My return trip is secured!

Walked the route back and took some shots of the buildings

Got on the coach when it was finally time to go,

I was so glad. My money was well spend… SGD $45
Not only do I get my personal entertainment,
My whole seat can be reclined… The legs rest can be lifted…
Oh Blessed is me…

More about the trip in the next entry 😀

Thanks for coming by,
Be Bless

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