Share Cab anyone?

Got caught in one of those #smrtruinslife moment!
So went to the Taxi stand to get a cab

Yes… the queue is insane…
So stood there waiting,
one cab go by,
another cab,
another cab,

Was on the phone on the other hand to call a cab…

Cos I really dont want to be late.

Then Praise the Lord, its my turn finally a cab arrived.

I thought, I bet other people waiting in the stand are feeling the way I was just now, so why not make someones day by sharing the cab. Hell, if its along the same way I can save some cab fare too.

So I turned around and called out

“I’m going Orchard, share cab anyone?” “Orchard, share cab?”


And, I’ got a doctor to come along whos going just a little further down the road.

We chat a little and learnt that he lives pretty near. 😀


When its your turn next time, dot he same too~
Dont be shy k!


Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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