Epson’s New Projectors!

Went by to Epson’s new projector’s launch the other day, pretty impressed with what I see. šŸ™‚

Talk about Projection at short distance, Talk about Projector that has a dock to dock on your Apple product and let it screen~

Ya man, this guy is presenting to us using his iPhone.

Above being compatible with Apple products, what caught me was the 10watt speakers, and make that two. Wah… I sure would like the idea of plug-and-play from my Marilyn when I reach home, continuing the current playlist. I love my Shure ear phones, and having quality sound heard from all areas of the house.

Its like a stereo system that can play video from your phone, once that is done, turn off the projection and allow the music to continue to play without heating up the bulb (my experiences of using projector tells me the bulb is the most expensive component, save some $$). Nice.

One other awesome feature, is its ability to project images in proportion although from a slanted angle.

I feel thats very thoughtful considering most make-shift office or homes are not especially designed (be it furniture constraint or even space constraint for that matter) for projection purposes. *thUMBs UP!

This other projector that totally reminded me of my Teaching Days…
Yes… Compatible with the Interactive White Board. See him doodling with the stylus?
That’s like me getting my “OMG!-I’m-So-Excited!-To-Have-The-Chance-To-Write-On-The-White-Board” students to come up and contribute to class discussion.
Love the short distance projection.
Think its absolutely perfect for parents that does Home Schooling!
Yup, u can save a copy of the contribution thereafter.

Wokay, I think the glasses will give you an idea of what this next projector is about:

yup, it has the ability to convert 2DĀ  into 3D.

Imagine the ball flying into your face. Okay no need to imagine.
Its like standing in the middle of the football field or at the Goalpost at the comfort of your home.

Thats how I relate to these projectors, the question now is, how would they work for you?

Click on over to the links below to see info from the Epson Sites.
The one with the Apple Dock (Epson MG-850HD)
The Goalpost at the comfort of your home: (Epson EH-TW8000)
The Interactive White Board friend: (Epson EB-400 series)

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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