SomBoon Seafood – Curry Crab

Coming back to my Thailand trip,
Had one of my best meal at SomBoon Seafood
169/7-11 Th Surawong, Silom, Thailand,

The photos are bad, dont bother. 😀

iPhone, big open window with the light splashing in.

The food is alright. The curry crab is woh!

I tried surfing the web to gather more other people’s view on the curry crab, surprisingly there isnt much *or im just blind 😀
so oki, i’ll try my best to share.

I’m seriously never a fan of eating crab. cos its hell of a hassle, and need not mention the fingers would smell of it at the end.
The whole idea of digging to get the meat, *if you dont get the pinchers that is*
and then ITS OILY. period.

Normally they’ll cook it with egg, or some sauces and all that. Its oily. End of conversation.

I am conscious about health, like if I know something is not exactly healthy, I wouldnt eat too much of it.
Maybe one serving, so that it’ll be like “oh, I’ve tasted it and I know what it is about”.

So crabs are normally a dish that I’ll briefly touch.

But this was different… *sLuRP!
I didnt get the pincher, cos one, it was a “family gathering” thing that I was just a convenient guest.
Though I got a *God knows what part it was*, I requested for a 2nd helping of rice!

It was that good, not just the meat, but the egg and their gravy was what that made me go for the 2nd helping of rice.
I guess its in their sauce. Its tasty and the egg helping is generous.
Damn shiok lo, like really tasty stew.
and it wasnt too oily. Very conveniently just the egg, gravy on rice.
One mouth after another…

I seriously dont think I can find the same thing in Singapore.
Cos well, SG is all about chili crab, and black pepper crab.
This Curry Crab in Bangkok is good.

Go, if you happen to be there, grab a few friends and go taste it. 😉
Its def worth the calories and hassle and carbs! 😀
Dont say I didnt tell you~

Thanks for coming by
Be Bless

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2 thoughts on “SomBoon Seafood – Curry Crab

  1. xinyun

    ahhh now I’m craving for it… *drools*

    oh and just to clarify, you guys weren’t the convenient guests, they were as they chose to meet at the last possible timing. anyway, if you love only the pinchers, just go ahead and take it (at least for future outings). it was yr holiday too, so you are entitled to enjoy 🙂

  2. avnjl Post author

    😀 no lo, I no pay lo, + is relative lo, if I did what I did its damn buey zi dong lo…
    maybe its the way I write, hope I didnt put you guys in a bad light… pai seh if theres a communication breakdown… 😀

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