Stadium Station

Pass by Stadium Station yesterday, got off the train and took some photos.

While im on the train level, the sight is gorgeous!

Like so pretty right!!!!

Then I went up…

O_O Is there an end to the steps???

apparently yes and it looked like that:

Imagine if someone were to accidentally push u while u are at the top of the steps… like… from here…

Ms Ng never had a problem with heights, or standing on my stiletto…
But this time, while on the escalator, I was freaked…
Like oki… HANG ON to the escalator handles…

and while I’m facing the staircase from the top…
I was like, OKi… time to walk away…….

My goodness…
Scare the socks out of me….

Luckily there is the lift…

and hey, nice view from here

But cant blame la huh, considering the crowd that is expected from the surrounding places….

As usual, theres always room for improvement~

🙂 Go check it out, I’m gonna go Bras Basah station next time~

Be Bless

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