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TOTD 29/2/12 He Waits

“The cars, motorcycles and occasional truck pass him by. Drivers and passengers are oblivious to his existence. He sees the searing heat of the asphalt. It is not a gentle sun but the quiver of the leaves of the big tree he stands under, tells him there is a breeze. He watches the birds sing. They are silent to him. He feels calm and experience an ever present tranquility. Almost.

That same moment, many miles away, the same ungentle sun beats upon the bus she is traveling in. The air-conditioning in the bus blows with vengeance an uncomfortable cold wind. She pulls her cardigan closer to her chest and folds her arms; her head rests against the window as she closes her eyes.

… She closed her eyes as she took in his last embrace. “I have to go now.” She feels his lips gently upon her cheek. “Go in peace Huat.” She feels one last tight embrace, followed by stillness in the air.”

– The Strange Tale of An Incorrigible Expat Playboy short stories, He Waits, Peter Chen

Didn’t realize that the person in the 1st paragraph was just a soul till towards the end of the story.

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