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Home (Part 1)

When I get my new house, it shall be of high floor. because after a long day at work, going to a home with a view feels much better than going to a home looking at people’s kitchen. perhaps that would make the day’s effort worth the while.

Was walking to the mrt station from office the other day and happen to notice the lights of one of the room in Hilton Hotel lighted up.

And that got me thinking, how good it was if I were to go home to a view at the end of a hard day’s work.
That would most certainly make the long day’s work worth the while.

Or at least a view that allows the eyes to wander far, not into other people’s kitchen.

Not really so near to the sea, because the light reflected would be too glaring…

Just good enough for me to see far and out…

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

P/s: my next trip overseas (multiple days holiday), it must b of a hotel with a view

How shld weekend be like?

How should weekend be like?

Is there a series of recommended event, schedule that I can follow?
Is there a sample structure?

Why is that even a question?

Weekend should just be weekend.
No structure,
No how it should be.

Kinda wrecks me to have my weekend pass me by, passing by in a less productive manner compared to my weekdays.

That shakes me from within.
Is it true then that I’m more productive at work than living life?

Amanda.. Amanda..
Life is more than just productivity or work…

How then can I learn to just chill and learn to relax and not be involved.
Just do things spontaneously and be unplanned.

Perhaps a random backpacking trip?

Living life spontaneously…

Spontaneity Takes Work!
Whoever said being spontaneous was easy, obviously hasn’t tried improv comedy. It’s easy to get so caught up in plans and schedules, that when the structure is removed, you fall on your feet. There are so many elements of life that can’t be captured in a to-do list, so it pays to know how to improvise.

How to Be More Spontaneous
Spontaneity is not the opposite of planning. This was my key breakthrough in order to make sure my life was both fun and productive. Improvising has many of the same prerequisites that you use in your scheduled life, just with a twist.
The opposite of spontaneity is cowardice. Fear, not planning, is the real barrier to improvisation. It isn’t your day planner that keeps you from saying hi to a stranger, it’s your fears. Where productivity requires discipline and organization, spontaneity requires courage and openness.


Thanks for coming by

Be Bless


Finally manage to take photo of my new hairstyle… 😀
Yup, I love love it!


And well, a new journey as well. 🙂

A New journey again,

Or just a new job actually. Or maybe the company isn’t that new to me, been overly familiar, just that im taking on a different role this time.

Anyway, it’s been very stretching in the current company.
And perhaps I was really physically tired hence didn’t have the mental strength to be above the situation.

Had a chat with a colleague, who’s old enough to see through it all. And perhaps bcos he is at a more senior level that’s why he could give me a 3rd persons opinion.

The issue was first on capabilities and then it rolled into trust.

So my colleague said, he doesn’t need trust to do his work.
Perhaps bcos we are in different shoes in-terms of work.

He came to the understanding that trust and relationships are very I,portent to me.
and then he asked: am I born under the star sign of cancer?

Oh my, that’s right. I am.

Turns out people under the star sign of cancer puts great importance in trust and relationship.

Then later on in the conversation, it was revealed that I’m born in the year of the ox and that further stretches the point of trust and relationship.

I wonder why…
Anyone care to share?

My understanding was that as an ox, I work really hard, and these hardworking is only worthy if I’m working for people I could trust. And that trust builds from relationship perhaps? 🙂

Let’s see if I’ll get to dig out more from him…
He wasn’t able to put a pin to it.

But this trip, it sure as hell reveals to me how much importance I put on trust… 🙂

Thanks for coming by,

Be bless

TOTD – That everyone plays a part.


Was filled with positive thoughts about the young boy in checkers shirt when he first sat down w his plate f rice. I thought he was so independent, worthy of my praise.

Then he stood up and walked away. Came back w a set of steel cutlery.
Oh turns out he was using a plastic spoon initially.

Then he took off his bag and drop it on the floor. Drop literally not put.

and soon enough the plastic spoon landed on the floor as well. Quietly and as discreet as possible, right underneath the table where he sits.

Another young boy, a woman and a man came and sat at the table.

The woman scolded the boy regards the bag.

I wonder what will she do if she knew the boy dropped the spoon.

On my side, as a righteous public member I should have pick it up and place it on his table. (It’s alright afterall to change the mind and wanted to use a steel spoon instead. Just leave it on the table, why do you litter?)

But it feels like if I do that I’m being a teacher again, correcting “student”. Mind your own business Amanda.

But what is it? Lack of the right Parenting? Lack of education in school?

Or is it a blatant unawareness that everyone plays a part in keeping the environment clean?

And don’t you dare tell me drop the spoon on the floor so the cleaner has a job to do. (Unless jokingly of course).

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Be Bless

Double Down Burger

KFC introduced their 2 zinger fillet + cheese + bacon burger (Zinger Double Down) in conjunction w the movie Avengers.


It’s great that it is not dripping with oil that some people say.

The double down burger is no go for me… too much meat. 🙁 guess I’m not so much of a carnivore.

Then again, the salty-ness of the bacon, w just 1 slice of the chicken works well 🙂 Yippie!

I want to go watch Avengers the movie!!!
Date anyone?

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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