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not everything needs a conclusion…

Met a friend from twitter for dinner recently. It was just very random, out of the blue, a Direct Message came in and asked me out for dinner.

“I was like, oh oki, sure why not, I need dinner anyway.”

😀 yes, you can try that on me too. If you want dinner and needs company drop me a msg and who knows if I’ve nothing planned beforehand we can meet. 😀

Anyway, turns out, one of the objective of the meeting was to find the strength to move on.
To know and to understand from me if the pre-conceived understanding was true.

not gonna share that part of the incident.
I want to write down what I learnt from the person.

“you are right, I agree, not entirely his fault, as you said, you changed. n perhaps this is a good defining moment for you.  this ‘incident’ is a good turning point for you. to be a better you.
guess I was too into convincing ppl. putting my opinion on people.
thinking back, I guess its not that important to have an immediate closure on something, in this case, to close-up/have a conclusion on ur feelings about him. its not important.
take your time then dear. use the situation as a motivation. be restored in the things that were taken from you. be a better you. be an even better you. I believe in you girl!”

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