not everything needs a conclusion…

Met a friend from twitter for dinner recently. It was just very random, out of the blue, a Direct Message came in and asked me out for dinner.

“I was like, oh oki, sure why not, I need dinner anyway.”

😀 yes, you can try that on me too. If you want dinner and needs company drop me a msg and who knows if I’ve nothing planned beforehand we can meet. 😀

Anyway, turns out, one of the objective of the meeting was to find the strength to move on.
To know and to understand from me if the pre-conceived understanding was true.

not gonna share that part of the incident.
I want to write down what I learnt from the person.

“you are right, I agree, not entirely his fault, as you said, you changed. n perhaps this is a good defining moment for you.  this ‘incident’ is a good turning point for you. to be a better you.
guess I was too into convincing ppl. putting my opinion on people.
thinking back, I guess its not that important to have an immediate closure on something, in this case, to close-up/have a conclusion on ur feelings about him. its not important.
take your time then dear. use the situation as a motivation. be restored in the things that were taken from you. be a better you. be an even better you. I believe in you girl!”

She shares about the event. Me being me, sit across the table, listen, analyze and wrote down notes.
Listing and Listing the things that I felt should not be.
Trying to use the list to convince her to move on, to let it go.
To be like me. close it up and move on.

It didnt work, and towards the end of the meeting, I realize that wasnt what she need, that wasnt what she was working towards.

What she seeks from me, was the strength to move on. the strength.

That was quite a lesson to me.
To me, I feel that we can only move on after we wrap things up.
Come to a proper conclusion, box it up and put it in the storeroom.
Thats what I’ve been doing and it served me very well.

But through her, wah… I realize its not.
She’s using the incident as the strength for her to move on.
Because of this failed relationship, she seeks to achieve a goal.
When she achieved it, she can prove to the guy that she can make it too.

I questioned her, isn’t that still for him in the end?
She didnt deny that.
I feel that that takes strength.
Something that may not have the perfect ending and yet she went on it.

It sucks to be stuck.
It sucks to not know what to do next.
It sucks to not know where or what will things lead to.
But the truth is,

Sometimes not putting an end to things could be a source of strength…
That possibility of hope when one knows not what to do anymore.

The versatility of human beings.

Thanks girl! and Jia YOu!


Thanks for coming by,
Be Bless

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