Ecc 3:11 @ Tangs

Was walking down Orchard Road when Tang’s Christmas decor caught my eyes.

I love how the lights and the words just jumped out to me.
The simple message “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

That this much time of the year has past and we are stepping into the last month, we have come this far.
That no matter the struggle of the year. No matter the things that had happened, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

That everything has its meaning, everything has its purpose. Be it painful, be it happiness.
It is what it is meant to be when the events cleared and it forms a full loop.

Sometimes, we are just blind to not see what it is meant to be.
That we want to see what we want to see.


If not the rain, wheres the rainbow?
If not the tears, how would one know of happiness?
If not the struggle, how would one know of sweetness?


🙂 Feels like preaching, but really, we dont often get what we want in life.
I think we can agree on that. Or even the idea that Life is unfair.
I tell myself, get over it.
Even if you work really hard for it, we may not get it still.

So why not, be objective, see the purpose of it, and be happy for what its meant to be.
I did that and I think I learnt a lot, grew a lot and matured a lot.


and again, He confirms His word:


Everything Beautiful In Its Time.


Thanks for coming by

Be Bless


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