Journey of Indulgence w Haagen Daz

Went on board Haagen Daz’s Journey of Indulgence bus the other day. 🙂


Had a good tour down the Orchard area, good view of the lights and all thats seldom noticed of. 🙂
Check out my video below:

Comes with champagne, ice-cream and carols~

How to get on?
Simply spent $50 (dine-in only, before service charge & GST) and you’ll get 2 tickets.
Its only until 4th December, so gonna act fast!

Extract from Press Release:
“Singapore, November 2011 – Embark on a “Journey of Indulgence” with Häagen-Dazs and sweeten your anticipation of the coming festivities with a 45-minute ride along Singapore onboard a specially-decorated Haagen-Dazs double-decker bus and indulge in free-flowing Haagen-Dazs ice cream, gourmet chocolates and bubbly champagne.

To experience the “Journey of Indulgence”, customers have to spend a minimum of $50 (dine-in only, before service charge and GST) at any Häagen-Dazs café to receive two complimentary tickets to the bus. There will be three rides a day at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm, from 19 November 2011 to 4 December 2011. Each “Journey of Indulgence” will start and end at Häagen-Dazs Esplanade cafe, going around the CBD area and culminating in a trip down the beautifully-lit Orchard Road.”

Heard theres people planning proposals and celebration on the bus. So nice. 🙂

Get on board with your love ones~

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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