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The last 2 paragraph translated with my limited mandarin capabilities:

Always remember, never put a weight on people’s love and emotions. Because what you see as hard and difficult¬† might be very easy and simple for them to get through. What you see as incompatible, they don’t really care about. There is no compatibility in love and emotions. There is only suitability. Not everyone can find that desired one, but everyone will come upon that suitable one. When we come upon that, all the complicated list of requirements would be discarded. Noise would quieten down, become simple, and no list or requirement will suffice to qualify them. You don’t need effort or tricks to hang on to him, and he would leave you neither.


Standards and requirements are prepared for the one you do not love, when you chance upon someone that makes your heart beat, the standards are not standards anymore. There is no reason or rhythm to it, like you have no idea why someone would have you up and about for so many years,¬† those emotions and feelings have no reason. You love her, but you don’t know why.



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