Long Time


James 1:4


Wah… I think this is a very long season of learning and understanding Patience.

But I think with the new lessons, comes the new provision to get through.


I never use to need to wait at all, I usually get what I want, when I want it. Or I’ll just go out and get it.

But this season, it doesnt seem to be so.
Everything is just long suffering, slow, and refusing to arrive. and as it, its not within my control. 😀


I was quite “oky…” with a friend who always tell me, “its okay, slowly, we have a long time to learn that. we have a long time to do this, we have a long time to do that.” I always wanted to pull my hair out.

Cos seriously if we dont treasure now, or make plans for things to happen, what happens when its gone? What happens if someone just pass away, what happens if its a fleeting moment?

Obviously the person is much older than me.
Guess thats the problem with people of my generation. We want it fast, we want it now.


My dad’s Class 5 Driver’s license is 34years now.

A country is established by people’s work experiences (and innovations of course), not someone’s 3mins excitement.

A family with children is established based on a relationship of 2 that has lasted and will continue to last.

Knowledge and understanding is gained on years of reading and learning.

The light bulb is invented after not once, twice, thrice or even 4 times of failure, but multiple times, through a long period.

A good broth takes hours to brew.


I realize, a lot of things, needs time to prove itself, a lot of things need time to come true.


As Pst Phil pointed out in Impatience

BUT, James 1:3 declares that the time to exercise patience is exactly when you dont want to – when you’re under pressure.
If you develop patience and become great at waiting and coping and putting up with … everything … you will be “complete and entire, lacking in nothing’ (verse 4)


Thanks for coming by


Be Bless



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