The Right Room w

Went by to Klapson Hotel near Tanjong Pagar MRT station for The Right Room Experience with

Oh just the recept of the Klapson Hotel is WOH~
When was the last time you see a reception counter of a boutique hotel as funky as this?

Pretty cool huh?

Besides the idea of being chauffeured in a Limo, we were given a good time of Manicure, Back Massage, Shoulder Massage and great food.

Alright, raise your hands if you could do with a nice Back or Shoulder Massage right now.

I know right! Working in Singapore, Everyday is a mad rushed, or being forced to slow down by the MRT Trains and hicupps in traffic. All of us deserve a good vacation.

Speaking of vacation, “The Right Room” is ‘s current concern.
The Right Room for your vacation.
To me, its about having that Safe in the cupboard of somewhere that allows me to safely keep stuff when I’m not around, having that carpeting, having that right lighting. Whats yours?

Tell you something really weird about my vacation, since I often travel alone, I’m often back in the hotel room by 9pm.
I believe vacation is about resting, so you can find me spending hours and hours sleeping away or reading a book in the hotel room.
I’m weird. 😀 Shopping isn’t my thing. Sight Seeing yes.
Its absolutely important to come back to a room where its like a comfort zone away from home.

SO So! AsiaRooms is looking for people to help them review hotel rooms!
Yup, You and your friend. Keen?
– Top Holiday Destination, The Hotels and the nearby attractions
– $10,000 Cash and Prizes

Or check out to find out more~

I would absolutely love to take part, but I started full-time tuition, cant just drop children’s education like that…

How about you?

GO if you can! 😀


Thanks for coming by,

Be Bless

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