My Tigerhead has arrived! Did I mention that?

I love the quality, I love the thickness of it.

Check out the needlework and the fabric inside. *probably is common fabric though.

I am so loving it, and I’m receiving real good respond on it. 😀
A very good investment I would say.


Marilyn’s black too. looks super good in it. *at least I feel.


I’ve been taking photos of Renae with it. 😀 Think shes intimidated by the Tiger Head. 😀

Since I’ve already spent on it, should I add crystals on it?

what do u think?

probably not hor?

Be Bless

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0 thoughts on “TigerHead

  1. avnjl

    outside probably, not on the inside, its very compact. very nice feel. 😀 no need to bling actually. hmm…
    think if i bling it, it’ll bring down the whole look of it.

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