Think alot of us noticed my new page “EPS Sports Day 2010” 🙂
So sorry that it is currently password protected. Its actually meant for the school website, so need approval from No.1 before I can host it up over there and here.

On the side note, because of shooting for that event. I am horribly sunburnt. Totally reminded me of my Malacca trip except this time, it isnt the Polo-T burnt. 😀 Its a TATTOO burnt. 😀
Ms Ng has a tattoo!

Super Sunburnt I tell u…
Reminds me of him:

Anpanman! 😀
Think he has the chao da version. 😀

Will jiggle when the Sports Day entry is release 🙂 Think Mascots and Lots of Gif on runners!

On the side note, was force to eat humble pie today.
Had to learn from someone whos… oki, not the typical kind of person I would learn from.
1. Overdo the diction part
2. Not good enough at spotting mistakes
3. Use all the technical terms and jargon assuming that the people knows.

anyway, as it is la,
Humility is never humility is tested.
Loyalty is never loyalty until tested.

God seeks the willing, not the able.


Better days ahead!

Thanks for coming by~

Be Bless

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