We dont always get what we want

Ultimately, what is the purpose in life? We know it is not the chase for richness, it is not the chase for success, but what is it?
Those are great, if not them, then what?

I dont know it all, but I know, these are by-products of achievements.
And, purpose in life is a by-product of achievement. In my opinion.

Because its only when you achieve then can you have the ability to be more than you, a person.

We know life is unfair.
Was it fair to those that encounters natural disaster? Was it fair for someone else along the roads that was been apportion a sad deck of cards in life (although it is still for them to work around).

Everyday as we go through life, its about the people around us. Its about how we can reach out and facilitate other people’s life. Caring, Sharing, Empowering. Within your abilities, capabilities.

Making it easier for the people around you to get by (but definitely not along the line of letting them take the benefit for granted). Spreading that kindness.

Why, because life is unfair. We dont always get what we want.

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