Yong Tau Foo

Was having my ‘unusual’ Saturday breakfast of Yong Tau Fu when I got reminded of an article on The Straits Times.

😀 I know, still got all that sweet sauce and processed food, so it aint exactly healthy right. But well…
I lOve my hotdog… please dont stop me from eating it… *sObs*
Oki, drama… 😀

Anyway, what do you usually eat at the Hawker centre? Or do you usually eat for breakfast on a Saturday?

Saturday is normally brunch for me, no breakfast 😀

Why was it usual? cos the past weeks my breakfast has always been very simple.
Soya Bean + PoPiah
Fish ball Kuey Tiao,

no kick to eat others.

Coming back to the article I saw on TST

Seriously… I thought Yong Tau Foo is like the healthiest.


“Yong Tau Foo with mix of fried and non-fried items (tofu, taukwa, ladies’ fingers, fishball, bittergourd with fish paste, served with black sauce)
Salt: 1,675g (98.5% of daily allowance)
Total fat: 15g (21.2% of daily allowance)
Cholesterol: 88mg (29.3% of daily allowance)”

Maybe… according to what I can see in the photo. This Yong Tau Foo got soup.
Maybe thats what that accounts for the excessove salt, cos you know soup mah, must add salt to have the taste you know.

and my favorite Fried Fish Soup…

“Fried Fish soup with evaporated milk and vermicelli
Calories: 730 (37% of daily allowance)
Total fat: 28g (42% of daily allowance)
Saturated fat: 13g (62% of daily allowance) “

oki… next time.. maybe dont add milk, can taste the real fish soup. Then op for fish slice rather than fried fish. Hm!

Sad case…

I guess one thing we can all agree, there really is a lack of healthy food choices available.
70% of the time eat healthy, the remaining 30% close one eye I guess.
and Of course, must occasionally indulge as well 😉


Thanks for coming by,

Be Bless

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