Was spending time on Facebook when I came upon this video:

I had the impression that it is going to be like you know those one moment showing a proper video then the next something will jump out and scare you alive.

My goodness, this was worst…

Have you watched it?

Showed how the photographer had to make the decision between taking the photo or saving the girl.
My God… that is such a deep deep dilemma…

It got spin off into a conversation with a friend that led me to this website: – A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan by Seamus Murphy

Thats the beauty of photojournalist. They capture moments that you otherwise might not have known…
Not just sad one, happy ones at times too.

As for that female photographer…
I think unless she is able to let herself go, or that photograph she took have a real positive impact in the situation.. If not.. Depression I guess…

How would you react?

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2 thoughts on “Photojournalist

  1. Aaron Seet

    The question is, what could Kate have REALLY done in such situations? Somehow trying to distract the gunman to allow the girl a brief second to escape is unlikely to work, because she could not have run far and would still be gunned down.

    As much as Kate would want to save, she is not equipped to save.

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