You are what you eat

Noticed this poster while I was on my way to work

and soon came the invasion of the big toys to my school’s canteen

Turns out HPB is doing a drive to spread awareness of healthy living.

Arrangement was made with @victortan and I went over to HPB to check out their exhibitions.
Wah! Powderful! Didnt know I can learn so much from this one trip…

Repeat after me…
“You are what you eat”

Pickled Liver O_O

they actually have a library there available for members to pick up some books or do research. *interesting…

is your bone healthy? Enough Calcium?


just how much Sugar do you consume each day?
*quick guess! what has the most *hidden sugar

Dont be surprised…

Fruit Yogurt: 8 tsp…
Cola Drink: 12 tsp… 
Chocolate Cake-iced: 10tsp…

Science Lesson anyone?

Pizza anyone?

Let me do this again,
Pizza anyone?

oki la, not so bad, at least 1.5tsp only.. that cup of coke that comes with it…

I didnt know oki! Penang Laksa actually has less fat then Laska Lemak. (normal Laksa with cockles *I believe) Seriously………..

and goodness.. Deep fried Chicken w Skin vS w/o Skin…

two times the tsp of fat!!!!!!!!!!

Food aside,
there are of course other sides to the whole exhibit πŸ™‚

Eye Power!

πŸ™‚ Educating the elder generation

Why the long queue?

Its all for this machine. πŸ™‚ Have you went for an automated checkup recently?

Aiyo! so not happy with the percentage of fat my body has… Got to work on it! *not alot not alot* dont quite rem, think I’m still in the acceptable BMI range. Couldnt find my print out le. πŸ˜€

Cycle around SG,

Tug with the Sumo

or take a dip with Milo today~!


Once again ladies and gentleman,
You are what you eat..

So eat everything in moderation…

FYI: theres more than just 1 Logo πŸ™‚

Go visit! and your body live a happier day~!

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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