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BabaKing @ Expo

Had a good lunch at BabaKing

Probably because I’m hungry also ba. πŸ˜€

Let the photos justify themselves~

Above: G5 Bakwan Kepiting ($9.90)
hand-rolled crab and chicken balls.

Above: H2 Sambal Fish Spaghetti ($9.90)
Sambal fish served over spicy sauteed spaghetti

Above: C2 Fish Masak Nanas ($10.90)
Dory fillets in seafood and pineapple broth

Above: A6 Chicken Wing Kechup Manis ($8.90)
Mid-wing chicken pieces in Indonesian sauce of molasses and soya sauce

Above: B3 Duck Sioh (Chicken version) ($12.90)
Chicken in…. hmm… Peranakan sauce πŸ˜€
*sorry, description very long, go to their site n see k? πŸ˜€

Above: D7 Prawn Garam Assam ($12.90)
Prawn with egg plant and lady’s fingers in gravy

We had E6 Sambal KangKong and D5 Chili Onion Prawn as well not sure why the photos were not taken. πŸ˜€

It was good fellowship πŸ™‚
Most of the dish were spicy, I dont really eat spicy stuff, so cant really comment πŸ™‚

The next time u go by for any Expo Sale, do go by~ Its in-front of Hall 4 πŸ™‚

Be Bless

Earth Hour 2010

In-case you didnt know, Earth Hour 2010 was on 27th March, 8:30pm. Everywhere around the world, according to their local time, people switch off the lights for 1 hour. πŸ™‚

Toggle on over to ‘s Big Picture to see these fascinating switch off the lights. Click on the photos to see the fade out, switch off lights effects. πŸ™‚

Do you know…

1 recycled plastic bottle saves enough energy to light a 60W bulb for 6 hours

And a 22-watt fluorescent light bulb emits the same brightness as a 100-watt incandescent light bulb.

In the 1870’s, Thomas Edison used carbonized bamboo fibre as filament in the development of the light bulb. The carbonized filament he used then still works and is on display at the Smithosionan in Washington D.C.

The brain operates on the same amount of power as 10-watt light bulb. The cartoon image of a light bulb over your head when a great thought occurs isn’t too far off the mark. Your brain generates as much energy as a small light bulb even when you’re sleeping.

Combining metal with acid (like lemon juice) causes a chemical reaction that creates positive and negative particles around each piece of metal. The negative particles will move through the wires from one piece of metal to the other, which causes an electric current. If the reaction is strong enough, it can even power a light bulb!

Be Bless

GaGa Medley

Was just on the train chatting with my U4, talked alittle about Lady GaGa,

She was just sharing that Telephone is the 2nd part of Paparazzi,Β  I was like o_O?
Well I never see her mtv before, maybe I shld go check it out.

was surfing for the mtv on my iPhone, couldnt find, but came upon this Medley. Thought its really good. The kind of gusto and breathe that the singer put in.Β  Felt very carried along and sang along. πŸ™‚

Check it out~



Were u carried along too?

Their Halo’s cover pretty good too.


Be Bless

IC#7 City

Took this while I was out this morning in town for my dental appointment.
I caption it as “Good Morning Singapore” when I posted it up.
But turned it around here as that. πŸ™‚
I thought it worked really well.

Be Bless

IC#5 Steps

Saw this scene while I was on my way home the other day.
Noticed how he was going one step at a time.
Very Slowly, Very Steady.

Felt very inspired. That truly in all our undertakings, it is important to take

One Step At A Time.

Be Bless

PopCakes! @kichn

Went back to Kichn the other time for @jewelserene ‘s popcakes.

My goodness! Never knew mini cupcakes can look and taste this good!!!

Its not the overwhelmingly sweet kind of sweet, its the just nice that I can fall in love kind of sweet.

Its not the look good but taste terrible kind of pretty, but the pleasing to the eyes as to the tongue kind of pretty.

oki, save all the talking. Look below.

Not enough?

still not enough?
Go Get It!

180 Albert Street
#01-05, Albert Court
Singapore 189971

Mon–Thu: 9am–9pm, Fri+Sat: 9am–11pm.
Lunch is served from 11.30am. Closed on Sundays.

But wait wait,

Theres more!

Say “Hello” to the legendary Chicken Ham and Cheese Roll~

People drip lemon on the outside of their fish, well their fish has that tangy taste on its own~

Their unique tasting Seaweed Chicken! The no MSG kind!

Their Fried Calamari which totally take Calamari to a new level.

They sure have Cooked Up A Storm and got themselves featured on Business Times~

Are you hungry already?

Be Bless


Went for the Nuffnang’s Blogger Symposium recently,
It was in collaboration with Canon to promote their S90
*I so want a Canon S90! My goodness! Can I just cover my eyes ignore everything and just go ahead and buy the camera? O_O Goodness!
FYI: Dont see it small and compact, Canon S90 uses the same sensor as Canon G11

It was also the first time I met @luvyun!!! She is so nice! *So Bless! Just that day itself I met 2 of the nicest ppl I’ve ever met in my life~ Reuben and Sue! Love them to bits!

Surprisingly they tot I was there for the Photoshop Queen’s segment. πŸ˜€
But nah,
I was there for…


Felt that my lifestyle blog needs alittle pump in the food side. hey hey… πŸ˜€

it was good seeing those “Happiness” moments as well πŸ™‚

Above: “the kind of thing that you must do at least once in your life.”

Above: “witnessing the arrival of a new life”

Above: “A hug that took 80+ years to arrive”

Above: “a rare moment where the girlfriend is the same size as the boyfriend”

Edmund (edunloaded) and some of the bloggers that were there for the Parenting segment

And for the technology side.
“aaa, what you doing, we should be the ones behind the camera. Stop shooting! you!”


and of course met some familiar faces too

One of the twins (Jayley) that I met during the Firestation visit

Wendy (extreme left) from the Fashion Runway in The Skies

the gorgeous twin Stephen and Cedric

Dr Leslie shared plenty of food photography tips, (do sign up for his talk that is with Canon) one of which that left the deepest impression was the one part that he mention when he was talking about 1/3 scale.
Let me show u an example.

Its very common for people to shoot food photo like this:

The whole plate (including the clean kitchenware) included in the photo.

In as much as these photos shows the whole picture of the dish, the audience dont really get just what is so tasty about the dish.

Lets bring the camera up close and personal.

Same dish, same camera, just different angle.
Now, do you know what you are suppose to eat? suppose to taste?

πŸ™‚ interesting huh?
Both shot using Marilyn (iPhone).

Thank you Nuffnang for the invitation, SMU for hosting and Canon for the lucky draw prices. πŸ™‚

Be Bless