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Comics @ Esplanade

Caught IN conversationSSSS

SURROUNDED by conversationSSSSSS

IN conversationSSSSSSS

Looking forward to Conversation with you on the phone.

Fatimah left me a Conversation

Chased by…


CUTE Right?? 😀

Its Still available at Esplanade go see go see!

Tian Tian Xiang Shang
by Danny Yung
Hong Kong

8 MAY 2010, SAT – 4 JUL 2010, SUN

Its at the tunnel that links you from Citylink to Esplanade, after the aircon place where LOTS of youth love to play skateboard or practice their dance.


Be Bless

Renae Climbs!!!

The other day, Reuben was telling me that Renae will attempt to climb in a matter of time.

Then came my brother who said she DID climb out of the tank.

Lo and Behold! Today I witness her acrobat… O_O

😀 I was lucky I had Flip Video Cam with me. Shot trimmed added music and got it up real fast!



Be Bless


Went to Spageddies the other day with a Foodie – @calvintimo. 😀
Not alot of food, just a little photo taking and chatting. 🙂

their platter was oki,

Softshell crab?

Softshell crab.

“Primo Combo
A triple treat of calamari, mozzarella and soft shell crab served with homemade tartar and neapolitan sauce for dipping”

But their cheese stick was nice

his, very healthy 🙂

“Grilled Chicken Primavera
Tossed with wood-grilled sliced chicken, broccoli, peas, mushrooms & carrrots in garlic & olive oil with hint of chilli flakes.”

I like mine:

One side is

and the other side is

“Combo Manicotti & Cannelloni
Twin pasta with herb-cheese filling topped with tomato sauce, plump chicked-filled pasta topped with alfredo sauce and cheese.”

had tiramisu for dessert, it was oki…

probably too much coffee at the bottom ba…

Finger sponge layered with mascarpone & zabaglione flavoured with espresso & kahlua.”

Probably its just me and my taste bud, give them a chance. 🙂

It was nice view from where I was sitting 🙂 Somerset 313


Be Bless

NDP 2010

😀 I’m involved in Blogging for NDP 2010!


Its gonna be busy busy all the way until Mid August.
Thank God my involvement is on weekends only, I’m still running around in school on weekdays~  *work life balance in the test

Check out this year’s NDP site at:

As you can see from the photo, u’re gonna get the military side of the story and the civilian side of the story. 🙂

We’re going behind the scenes~

While I have yet to take photos of the event, click on over to the lao jiao’s flickr collection! He’s got some real nice shots!


Be Bless

Drink Drank Drunk

I started drinking recently,

ya, 25, and only then I started drinking.

Didnt like the smell, I’m very sensitive to smell.

Like when my dad drinks, Probably a can, walk past and I will be able to smell it.

I have a very stereotypical mindset ba. Drinking = Being Drunk.

Then comes in the idea of
speaking things that should be kept inside,
being molested.

I dont ever want to be in a state of not knowing what I’m doing.

Met a group of people that are very into drinking, then began the thought that I really should learn how to drink for the sake of social drinking.
Kept pushing it back.

Then got invited to a wine tasting event.
That triggered the whole drink at night before sleeping thing.

Theres alot of health benefits to it in case you didnt know. 🙂

Some of the things I’ve learnt n am applying for myself, if it’s a day of lack of water, didn’t drink enough plain water, don’t drink, cos hangover will come back with a vengence.

N like on mother’s day, we had durian, hell no am I going to touch the wine.

Be a responsible drinker. 🙂

Be Bless
P/S: I know I’m using the wrong cup.

Colors in the skies

Been passing by a wide-patch-of-grass area recently and have been given visual treats 🙂

Nice hor?

The old man’s real cool

Cos it was abt to pour and he still carried on.

Cool huh?

The skies been extreme beautiful the past few days, Caught these on the 30th Apr 2010

Was on my way to choir practise when I notice this across the train station. I was on the train, quickly got off and shot the photo

Had to go couldnt get off the platform to take a better photo.
Stood there and caught the following

My fingers got itchy and I clicked the red button.
Its a short 26sec clip thats taken along the industrial side from Kranji to Yew Tee on the train

Probably its just me, I find that the sights looks plain but nice! its not like the norm that you’ll see.

Take a deep breathe and count to 10 with me…
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…

We’ve been too busy.

Be Bless


My Tigerhead has arrived! Did I mention that?

I love the quality, I love the thickness of it.

Check out the needlework and the fabric inside. *probably is common fabric though.

I am so loving it, and I’m receiving real good respond on it. 😀
A very good investment I would say.


Marilyn’s black too. looks super good in it. *at least I feel.


I’ve been taking photos of Renae with it. 😀 Think shes intimidated by the Tiger Head. 😀

Since I’ve already spent on it, should I add crystals on it?

what do u think?

probably not hor?

Be Bless


Think alot of us noticed my new page “EPS Sports Day 2010” 🙂
So sorry that it is currently password protected. Its actually meant for the school website, so need approval from No.1 before I can host it up over there and here.

On the side note, because of shooting for that event. I am horribly sunburnt. Totally reminded me of my Malacca trip except this time, it isnt the Polo-T burnt. 😀 Its a TATTOO burnt. 😀
Ms Ng has a tattoo!

Super Sunburnt I tell u…
Reminds me of him:

Anpanman! 😀
Think he has the chao da version. 😀

Will jiggle when the Sports Day entry is release 🙂 Think Mascots and Lots of Gif on runners!

On the side note, was force to eat humble pie today.
Had to learn from someone whos… oki, not the typical kind of person I would learn from.
1. Overdo the diction part
2. Not good enough at spotting mistakes
3. Use all the technical terms and jargon assuming that the people knows.

anyway, as it is la,
Humility is never humility is tested.
Loyalty is never loyalty until tested.

God seeks the willing, not the able.


Better days ahead!

Thanks for coming by~

Be Bless