My AH BOY P.O.P LOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Super proud of him!!!!!!!!!


*clap clap clap clap clap*






He’s the young man on the left.

on the right is my neighbor, my sister and I have been hanging out with their family since we were really young.

the eldest in their family is of the same age as my sister.

the youngest in their family is of the same age as me. 😀


So when my brother arrives is like having another baby brother to the family.

So nice right. 😀


I remember how the youngest boy in their family and I use to race down the stairs to go to the nearby market. 😀
in our slippers and the glory of the flip flops slapping the stairs. Hahaha! those were the days.
and now my ah boy has “graduated” from the basic military training. I am so damn proud!!!!

*clap clap clap clap clap*


thats a very big achievement as part of being a Singaporean. 🙂
and I do think army is a time when the boys get buffed up to be more man. 🙂


thanks for coming by


Be Bless


P/S: he is going Phuket, I remember I mentioned, after his whole army stint, which I believe is suppose to be 2 years, I’ll take him to Bangkok to pick up work attire. 🙂

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