Backpacker’s Hotel KL – Ribbon Stayyz

Went by to KL recently for a short getaway, away from Singapore before 2012 begins, UniSIM begins… *Yawnz…

Stayed at Ribbon Stayyz Bed & Breakfast Guesthouse.

I’ll say its not so bad for a first-timer. Especially considering I always do hotel when I’m overseas.

Its like literally above a 24hrs convenience shop. You walk a flight of steps down to the convenience shop.

Pantry area:

Right next to their R&R, TV &

Registration and computer usage area.

They have another lounge at the other level

its like window panel to the roads downstairs/outside.

No tv here, just aircon, sofas table and big glass panel.

and yes, very important wifi~

Its like you walk down the corridor:

Open your door and TADA! theres your bed. 😀

its really the bed in a room thing

and the shower:

Its a common shower.
okay, dont think about pinhole camera…


Considering the amount I pay, its not that bad.
Yes you get neighbors whom you can literally hear their conversation when you walk near their door, but once you get into your room, close the door, its not that bad.
And I like that open window lounge place. Its erm, cosy and you know you dont go backpackers hotel to stay long but that little lounge is like a little escape from the confined room. I appreicate that.

I’ll probably go back again if my budget is really tight.


Not sure why their reservation page always says full but well, give them a call if you are keen.

More on KL to come~

Thanks for coming by,

Be Bless

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