Gelish Manicure

I did Gelish manicure recently!

I like it.
I dont know what is Gelish about, google for it and I get is advertorials or blog entries from people that seems really happy of their manicure. This is the closest I can get to perhaps a more neutral explanation.

Gelish is a soak off gel nail product that applies similar to regular nail polish, but lasts for up to three weeks with no chipping or fading.

Gelish is a UV nail gel that is applied in several steps, requiring either a 36 watt UV or LED lamp to cure the gel. Gelish nail gel is similar to other UV soak off nail gel systems, such as Shellac or OPI Axxium. Nail gels can be applied to your natural nails, without causing the damage of acrylics. Nail growth with nail gels is covered with a fill-in coat, similar to acrylic nails. The product is brushed on like regular nail polish.

Read more at Suite101: What are Gelish Nails? |

So I did mine too, as it is shown above, I did french style, cos my dearest Kim is fully booked in these upcoming week, so I’ll better do something that is lasting into Chinese New Year , and even if it starts to strip, it isnt too obvious or unglam, so I thought of French.

Information online says it’ll last 3 weeks without chipping or fading.
I guess thats the coatings for Gelish nail polish itself.

My french tip was by the 3D art white paint.
6 days, after about 2 separate evenings of plates and pots washing/scrubbing, laptop typing, crabs and prawn peeling, I notice the nails growth, the chipping and fading.

The Gelish base that is underneath that white paint came off too.

Well… my normal classic manicure would have pretty start chipping by the time it hit the 3rd day, I would have remove it personally by the time it hits day 4.

This one I still have to go back to Kim for removal… Hmmm…

Guess I wouldnt do it as a norm/consistent thing. Cos too high cost for me ba.
My Classic is $35, + Gel $20 + French tip $5 + Removal $10 = $70
If its just Classic $35 + French tip $5 = $40

Probably will if I needed the manicure for a longer period of time.
Once in a while maybe. 🙂


Have you tried Gelish yet? If you havent, please do, at least give it a try.

okay, two weeks has past and I had it removed. Realize its really not for my nails. 🙁
Think there are effectively 2 reasons to it.

1) The skin at my finger tips reacted to the soaking off process, so its like peeling and as though my fingertips are recovering from sunburnt
2) The removal comes with the scraping off the top layer of the nails. 🙁 My nails are now so weak…. easily bent…. 🙁 I dont like…


If I were to do Gelish again, I’ll really need to look for another removal method… 🙁
I’m so sad, gonna need at least 2 weeks for it to recover…


Why Like That…


Thanks for coming by
Be Bless

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