BK’s Steakhouse Burger

Have you heard? BK has launched its Steakhouse Burger!

Even more indulgence this time! O_O

And you know its good when you get the General Manager smiling like that after taking a huge bite from the burger. *no pun intended, I felt it was a really genuine smile*  *yup, with our local artist Sheikh Haikel

Got invited to go down to their Esplanade Link outlet for their profound dining experience.


What do we have inside?
Creamy Mashed Potato Spread! *from what I tasted, its real potato mashed. not the vending machine type.
Crispy Onion, deep fried~ but not very oily or soggy.. *thUmbS UP!
Turkey Bacon… *dRooL…..
steak sauce, cheese and of course!
AnGus Beef patty!

Whats so good about Angus beef?
go google and you’ll probably be reading lots of info about how it is being certified, and whats so good about the certification.

Point is, its the beef patty is of better grade and more lean meat in it.
So its not like a normal beef patty that might have MORE bits of fats or maybe… meat from other parts of their body O_O
*kinda like a better grade in the whole universe of process meat. *nOds…*

Hmm… would I pay $6.95 for this burger? *scrolls up to look at the burger again*
I will.

Because I get Premium Angus Beef Patty *whats a burger indulgence if you have no idea what kind of meat you are putting into your mouth?
and I get quality mash potato, *yes I know… Its all carbs.. But come on, who dont like carbs? Consume quality carbs kanna damn, Consume bad quality carbs also damn, might as well choose the quality one right? 😀

Oh by the way~ Lots of BK Good stuff are happening,

noticed this chair on the MRT train?
take a photo of yourself or your friend with it, like:

Send it to steakhouse@burgerking.com.sg and Win 50 BK vouchers worth more than $300 each week.
Results will be announced on their facebook fanpage and winners will be notified by email~

If you are a fan of Sheikh Haikel, go hunt him down at BK Ion Orchard~ (7/12/10, 1pm onwards)
He’ll be there to give away his limited edition of ‘the Profound Album’ and autographed poster~
or; download his free ringtone on their facebook site~

As Haikel said, “I’ve died, went to Burger King heaven and came back.”

and of course, the pretty wife:

King, the bouncer for the Media Launch event 😀

More bouncers.. 😀 Dont play play~

They bought in the Funnel Cake Sticks – dough sticks with icing sugar. 😀
But I think you can see I was distracted by the nice nice bacon. 😀

😀 Yes its that nice. The sauce is good, no doubt.

Oki, I think my stomach is growling for lunch. 😀

No point just hearing me say, go try out the STEAKHOUSE Burger for yourself today 😉

Thanks for coming by,

Be Bless

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