Bosses – No Publicity?

Went out for a bloggers outing with DashTaz, Cuisine Paradise, Foodieskitchen, misstamchiak, lobsterpaints, Joyce, Kai, Alvin, Jia Yi at Bosses the other day.
not saying that the food was bad, its the other things besides food.
The food was nothing to scream about also btw. They are famous for the custard thingy and theres a reason to it.

Coming back to the point, well… 11 of us went down, 4 DSLR on the table.
Guess what, we didn’t check, it was ‘No Photography’ allowed.


A manager came into the story, addressed the situation. We asked nicely. They insisted no…

So well… sorry… no food photos…

leads me to think.. hmm… No publicity is better than bad publicity?
After all they cant really guarantee the ‘taste buds’ of the ‘food reviewers’ and neither can they guarantee that the photos taken would look good.

But well, 4 DSLR on the table…


To each its own.

Thanks for coming by,

Be Bless

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