Camera Maintenance Workshop

Went out for Camera Maintenance workshop with Shutter Journey Singapore. The course is conducted by an old time camera pro. 😀 aka my Godpa! Tony Wong Jensen!

His method of folding the sterile wipes (self-taught).

Plenty of happy moments that got the attendees smiling away.
I believe Godpa enjoyed himself too.

Been to Temasek Club?

It has a really interesting history:
It all began in 1860 in Ireland. A teenage girl by the name of Elise Sanders was deeply concerned with small drummer boys who led the British Army battalions.

These boys were largely illiterate and it was Elise Sanders who persuaded her mother to open up a large drawing room so that these boys could come in for a cup of tea, cakes and singsongs.

Many ladies of high social standing joined Elise to build more soldiers homes spanning Ireland, England, India, South Africa, France, Hong Kong, Borneo and Singapore. This tradition caught on after Elise died in 1934.

The pool was a highlight to them as the British loves to swim.

In 1993, the Club underwent a major redevelopment. On 18 Mar 94, the Club was inaugurated by the then Minister for Defense, Dr Yeo Ning Hong.

Every place has its history, every tree has its story…

Thanks for coming by,

Be Bless

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