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TOTD 9/4/12 – they feel sexy they will be sexy

What women find most attractive about men are things like competence. If you are expert at almost anything you will feel more confident and have a sense of who you are. This will show in every aspect of your body language, from the way you walk to the way you look at a woman. And women want men with soul, with passion, with vitality, with a twinkle in their eyes, with the promise of an intense, ecstatic life. When men found a mission, show courage, conviction and competence, they feel fully alive and this connects them to their potency. They feel sexy and if they feel sexy they will be sexy.
So perhaps sexual attraction can take on other less shadowy meanings for us and include playfulness, vigor, intensity, vitality and ecstatic pleasure.

Why the bias towards men, you might be thinking? Well, women are simply better at sensing and responding to non-verbal cues. If I presume to consider where women might change their body language, it is either related to their concerns over excessive male attention, usually triggered by their highly flirtatious unconscious behavior; or their worries about failing to attract men, which usually relates to a mismatch between their internal sexual interest and their external concerns to appear chaste because they believe this is more likely to lead to love.


– Sexual Body Language, Martin Lloyd Elliott
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not everything needs a conclusion…

Met a friend from twitter for dinner recently. It was just very random, out of the blue, a Direct Message came in and asked me out for dinner.

“I was like, oh oki, sure why not, I need dinner anyway.”

πŸ˜€ yes, you can try that on me too. If you want dinner and needs company drop me a msg and who knows if I’ve nothing planned beforehand we can meet. πŸ˜€

Anyway, turns out, one of the objective of the meeting was to find the strength to move on.
To know and to understand from me if the pre-conceived understanding was true.

not gonna share that part of the incident.
I want to write down what I learnt from the person.

“you are right, I agree, not entirely his fault, as you said, you changed. n perhaps this is a good defining moment for you.Β  this ‘incident’ is a good turning point for you. to be a better you.
guess I was too into convincing ppl. putting my opinion on people.
thinking back, I guess its not that important to have an immediate closure on something, in this case, to close-up/have a conclusion on ur feelings about him. its not important.
take your time then dear. use the situation as a motivation. be restored in the things that were taken from you. be a better you. be an even better you. I believe in you girl!”

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Went for an interview at a recruitment agency. Came out leaving me in deep thoughts. In a positive way.

We conversed over the phone, I passed the phone interview. Got off the phone, evaluated the offer while on the way down to pick up the information and present myself.

Figured out the job scope was very narrow. Its contract-based (really short) and its something that I don’t see myself excelling or have a prospect in.

Arrived, chatted a little with the HR person, and shared my thoughts and came to a mutual conclusion.

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Synthetic Happiness

Saw this video on, titled: “Why are we happy”.
My conclusion?
We tend to be happier when we are not given too much liberty of choices, or even room to change our mind AFTER we made the choice.
As always, make your decision and march on!

1 of the comments indicated: “I suspect much of Gilbert’s conceptual framework is designed to fit his preconceptions. No hypothesis testing, little critical analysis etc. He knows what he’s looking for and by Jove he’s gonna find it. ”

Heres the video for your ingestion. He speaks real fast, so please do not watch the video if you already have a headache.


Killing Us Softly (Revisited)

Was looking through my 2010 posts and decided to revisit this post.
Daphnemaia wrote an awesome post on it by the way!

A video that my tutor shared during my Social Psychology Tutorial.
Killing Us Softly 3 Advertising’s Image of Women – Jean Kilbourne’s

Very outrageous… Pretty mind-blowing to me…
Sexism, the use of Sex as a selling point.

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Facebook Fatigue, Friendship, and Focus

Came upon this article and I felt it was quite interesting..
food for thought indeed πŸ™‚

Original Source:

I call it Facebook fatigue. It seems I develop a case several times per year. In the past it has led to the deletion of my Facebook account, and the urge to do so is upon me again. There are many factors that contribute to the development of this debilitating neurosis. Let’s discuss some of them.

1. Facebook games. These games are a ridiculous waste of time, but I can’t judge people for playing them because I also waste time, just not in the same way. The difference is that I’m not spamming my friends’ newsfeeds with updates on my time-wasting activities. These super-annoying notifications are easily disabled by the perpetrators and therefore entirely unnecessary. To combat this bothersome blight, it is possible to hide the games so as not to receive further updates, which I have done. Nevertheless, new games are continually overrunning my defenses and pillaging my newsfeed.

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|iWrote| – The Simplicity of Somethings

In case you are wondering what have I been busy with? πŸ˜‰

Special thanks goes to and <- my fav editor!!!

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He’ll be the one that will be sharing with us a series of cuisine

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